29 April 2013

lip balms.

I finished my all-time favourite Shiseido Lip Conditioner and it was time to open a new lip balm. But I have so many too choose from! I ended up picking up the L'occitane Moisturising Lip Balm containing 10% shea butter, Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bar in #03 and a Tony Moly Peach Lip Balm. Tony Moly is a popular Korean brand and their products are always in the cutest packaging. I'm yet to open these and try them. I'll keep you updated as I go! I thought I would collage photos that were recently printed as well, and I've been working out the best combinations for each page in my scrapbook.

20 April 2013

Oh my lovelies ...

Samantha Wills Jewellery. One of my long time favourites, every piece she designs is absolutely amazing. I'm so surprised when people don't know who she is and what she does. I love my necklace and get compliments every time I wear it. Statement necklaces from Samantha Wills is a must-have. ♥
My next favourite were gifts from my lovely sister, some fake eyelashes. I'm not a huge fan, but they use these on a regular basis. These are amazing, they look very natural. Trust me, I hate the whole fake eyelash look people do that's too dramatic for day-wear. But, these lashes are very natural for me. ♥

08 February 2013

Winter Wonderland 2012-13

It sure has been a while since I've blogged, and here we go with the Europe trip!
Flight: Adelaide > Melbourne > Hong Kong > Paris

A long flight but it was the start of the holidays for us. In Paris, my sisters and I focused on the food aspect, and tried as many macarons possible! We managed to visit Laduree and have a nice dessert as well!

Flight: Paris > Rome

ROME was were we joined the TopDeck Tours for our Winter wonderland escape. We managed to navigate ourselves around Rome with little problems and from that point on we were with the tour moving from one city to another every 2nd day. The places we went were magnificent. We spent a lot of time on the coach but arrived excited for the next hotel and location.

Coach: Rome > Verona > Venice > Ljubljana > Balaton Lake > Budapest > Vienna > Mauthasen Concentration Camp > Prague > Dresden > Berlin > Amsterdam > Bruges > Calais > London

Two weeks of fun-filled excitement. We traveled all over Europe, going to the all the tourist sights and a few extras like Balaton Lake and Mauthasen Concentration Camp. There were many fun times. But at the same time eye opening in some. I finally got snow. I made snowmen which for me was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed my 2 week tour in Europe

Ending out tour in London, my sister and I met up with the rest of my family. Together, we grabbed the London pass for 3 days and managed around 5 locations/activities each day. My favourite was the scary London Experience. I believe we got our money's worth of London. Harrods was a must and the number of pre-Christmas shoppers blew my mind away.

Flight: London > Zurich; Train: Zurich > Lucerne > Zurich

We thought that Switzerland was the place to see snow for Christmas. Finally a white Christmas. BUT, Christmas day came and no snow fell from the skies. My family and I were very disappointed at the realisation that it was another sunny winter's day. The shopping was nice in Zurich but expensive. A beautiful place.

Flight: Zurich > Vienna

I left my heart in Vienna. I loved Vienna the first time, and the second time was just as good. The shopping street was amazing. I loved the entire street. The palaces were beautiful, and by far the most beautiful city I've visited.

Train: Vienna > Venice

Venice, from the photos, this was an amazing place. But to be honest, of all the places I went Venice was my least favourite. The Gondola ride was an experience but the rower did not sing to us and the water was pungent the day we were in Venice. The food was amazing as was were the murano glass.

Train: Venice > Rome

I took my family on a walking tour of Rome. This was during the holiday season, and all the Europeans were also touring their own continent. The number of tourists blew my mind away. But the exciting city of Rome was even better with the numerous crowds, except when taking photos!

Train: Rome > Milan > Paris

Found our way back to Paris. We arrived in Paris at 11pm on New Years Eve and made the mistake of taking the metro. Worst decision ever. People were everywhere. Then the police shut the metro line due to accidents. We had to tow our luggage to the next nearest metro station for an alternative line. Most disappointing start to the new year. Things were alright though, we managed to go the Notre dame, the sacre coeur and the Eiffel tower. All were above amazing. But, the inevitable occurred. I had my wallet pick pocketed from my bag on the second to last day. The down-side were the responsibilities that followed. It didn't help that I forgot the contents of my own wallet! It was terrible. I suggest to take a bag that is made of steel to prevent the Parisiennes from taking your belongings. Finally, it was the end of my 5 weeks in Europe. It was time to go to the next continent.

Flight: Paris > Hong Kong

I loved Hong Kong for the food and shopping. My sister and I managed to get rid of my Aunty for a few days. We managed to shop on our own. We weren't the best at bargaining but we had freedom. We met up with two friends from the Top Deck Tour which was amazing. We also managed to visit Ocean park and Disney Land. Disney Land HK was empty the day we went, and we were able to complete the theme park in about 4 hours. No waiting was necessary!

Ferry: Hong Kong > Macau > Hong Kong

The casino island was the perfect name for this place. Casinos everywhere. We consumed our own weight in food and stayed at a marvelous 4 star hotel which seemed more like a 5 star hotel! It was a short stay, but that was more than enough given that we don't gamble. Once we were back in Hong Kong, we continued to shop!

Flight: Hong Kong > Adelaide

A direct flight home. I was exhausted but the prospects of sleeping in my own bed was what drove me forward. My lovely boyfriend picked my sister and myself from the Adelaide International Airport and the catch up began. Once home, we caught up with our family members and continued with our ordinary lives once again.

I really enjoyed my 7 week break from reality despite the negative events that occurred. I didn't end up putting on any weight despite the junk food I ate, so I was super happy. I managed to go to 2 continents, and too many countries and cities to count! I will definitely be needing some down time and time to save money and plan the next holiday. Ciao!

29 August 2012

Givenchy on sale.

I thought I will post up my buys from a few months ago. I bought this on sale which I was so pleased with myself, but I haven't had the opportunity to use it just yet. But soon!!

16 July 2012


After reading in a magazine about the raving reviews about NARS blushes, I decided to purchase Orgasm. But that wasn't enough, so I purchased Pennylane a cream blush, and its my new go-to blush. Absolutely in love with this colour, as it is buildable but gives the right peachy tone required for an everyday look. A must-have. ♥